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Common Questions

Education and research and the pillars of a good decision and choosing the right entertainment can become overwhelming. We throw a lot of information your way but commend you on wanting to know more. Here are some brief answers to the most common questions we receive. If you would like to hear more or you still have questions please contact us and we would be happy to assist in any way we can. Let's go over a few of the basics before we begin:

  • Two wedding professionals are included with each wedding package.
  • Setup and teardown is not charged to you and is coordinated with the venue.
  • We don't add hidden fees, taxes, or additional charges to quotes. 

That's a good start, now for the long list:

  • Do I have to decide on all services and add-ons before I book?

    The most important thing is to reserve your day with one of our main entertainment options. Packages, add-ons, and services can be added or changed anytime with one caveat. We can only offer what is still available. If the option is still available we can modify your reservation at anytime.
  • Your packages are 4 hour lengths but my event is longer. How do I extend?

    Adding hours to any event is easy. Hours can be added before the event in any increment charged at the standard rate different for each service we offer. At the event hours can still be added but are required in cash and are in hourly increments only. We also request you let us know at least 30 min before the scheduled end or last song.
  • How do I reserve my event and hold the date?

    To hold your date and reserve our services we need two things, a reservation payment and signed contract. After these two things are received, we open up your planning, timeline, and music areas so you can start your planning. The balance on the account is not due until 14 days prior to the event.
  • Will I know who my Emcee and DJ are before my event?

    Yes, we wouldn't have it any other way. This is one of the many things that sets us apart and it's due to our company structure and Emcee DJ retention. For an additional charge you have the option to choose an Elite Emcee and pick from anyone in the company to be at each meeting and your event. Our Elite Emcees are specifically trained for events requiring extra-ordinary logistical attention. Most choose a standard Emcee which is chosen at booking and is available to speak to at any time during the planning process. An Elite Emcee is still responsible for preparation of the event, while the Emcee chosen by the client will be at the event and in charge of Day Of Coordination.
  • What payments methods do you accept?

    We accept all major credit cards, cash and check. You can make payments at your convenience via your client portal. Your reservation payment is applied to your account and the balance is due 14 days before the event.
  • Do you receive kickbacks from your "preferred vendors"?

    We are vehemently (really really really) against any monetary transactions or kickback occurring for vendor referrals. We are referred and refer others based solely on their ethics and services they provide. If those ethics or services fail to live up to our standards, we will stop referring them. It's that simple! It is absolutely wrong to enter into a written contract with another vendor for the right to be referred or even worse to charge more for a service because you have promised a percentage to a vendor in trade for the recommendation. Its a slippery slope down a ethical black hole that we will not enter. Like we said .....really really really against it!
  • Do you require food or other services at the event?

    There are no additional fees or responsibilities in our contract for food or any other services for us at the event. If you would like to provide food or non-alcoholic drinks we appreciate it and will enjoy them inconspicuously and with respect to you and your guests.
  • Can you create a custom pre-mixed song list for a planned dance routine?

    Pre-mixed songs,mashups, and voice-overs have become very popular for special events like the first dance and father/daughter dance. We are able to create almost any pre-recorded track with in house recording and editing equipment. Songs can be ended early and started at a defined point with our equipment on the fly at the wedding, but creating a complex mix track or voice-over requires studio time by one of our sound engineers. Before creation starts we will meet and discuss your vision for the song, then provide you a quote for the creation including studio time. This is typically 75.00 per hour but can change depending on the request. Please allow several weeks for creation and the ability to edit the mix is allowed at the standard hourly rate.
  • What job opportunities are available?

    All The Right Tunes is always looking for new talent to add to our family. The process to become an ATRT DJ or Emcee is long and requires dedication beyond just loving music, but is one of the most rewarding experiences in our lives. We hold each other to a very high standard in every aspect of professionalism and this is required to provide the exceptional service we promise to every client. The feeling of providing a perfect wedding day is indescribable and is the reason we do what we do. Apply now and join the team in making memories that last a lifetime.
  • What is your refund policy if my event is cancelled or postponed?

    Even the best planned event sometimes need to change. If you need to change or cancel your event please contact us in writing at least 30 days before the event and we will refund all but the reservation payment.
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