Accent Lighting

A Powerful Transformation Using Uplighting, Pin Lighting, and Image Projection 


Accent lighting can transform a lifeless wall or bland drape to a focal point that will wow your guests adding depth and character to your event.

Uplighting, monograms, projection and more speciality lighting will create a unique and versatile look that is sure to amaze. 

But anyone can plug in a can light with a gel right? It’s true that some companies will just throw up room accent lighting anywhere, but that wouldn’t be The Evolution of Entertainment. 


Two distinct differences separate us in the area of accent lighting. 

Equipment and Consultation.

 Both are equally important to adding specialty lighting to your venue.


Our equipment is the best in the industry and created for room uplighting. LED, battery powered, wireless control. All fancy buzz words, but what does it mean? It means low heat for safety, no wires for clean look, and wireless control for versatility. We can change the whole room with ease and even have some lights react to the music when its time to dance. 

The consultation is focused on design and transparency. Design is of course important, where the lights can go, what color, how many on each wall, etc.. It’s that other scary word “transparency”, but it’s also very important at this stage. We have all seen some beautiful venue pictures and thought, yes! that’s what I want, make it look just like that. If it wasn’t for photoshop and the laws of science we could make it happen. We have used accent lighting in all aspects of decoration. From breathtaking room transformations to changing the focal point of the room by adding head table lighting, we have done it all. We owe you the honesty of experience and we want you to have a realistic expectation of what you will see when you walk into the room, that’s why our accent lighting pictures and videos are unaltered and not photoshopped. 

The process blends creativity and vision with our experience and expertise to accent any venue with the best and most unique specialty lighting available. Contact us for a free design consultation and discover what lighting can do for your event.

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Our highest priority is the comfort level of our clients throughout the entire process of booking, planning, and coordinating your event. If at anytime you need assistance or more information please contact us so we can personally address your questions. 

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