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Adam Johnson


Music has always been a moving force in my life. Although I try to explain why it’s affected me so much, I really can’t describe the feelings and emotions generated by it. There’s always something new, while simultaneously relying on the familiarities that have been established. Whatever the cause may be, music moves us, and we associate music with events in our lives. This is why at any event I’m working I try my hardest to make the night as memorable and fun.


While involved with choirs throughout high school, I started DJing for a group of friends. This is where I started getting into the art of music. Starting on CD’s I quickly moved on to records and turntables. Subsequently, I began to start creating my own music stemming from DJing and record appreciation. Artists like Daft Punk and J Dilla inspired new ways of music creation though sampling and working with interesting sounds. In addition to DJing and recording music, I’ve continued amassing a record collection of over 800 as well as gaining an Associates degree in A/V production while pursing my Bachelor’s in Electronic Media at UC. I can’t imagine my life without music being a high priority.


Prior to ATRT, I worked for a music store and A/V rental company, but nothing compares to working for ATRT. I've been provided with skills in business and life as well as skills behind the decks. Our unique way of engaging with clients and ensuring a backup has alleviated the unnecessary stress that could exist otherwise. We’ve worked everything out to make things go as smooth and ensure a memorable night for your wedding!

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