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Our highest priority is the comfort level of our clients throughout the entire process of booking, planning, and coordinating your event. If at anytime you need assistance or more information please contact us so we can personally address your questions. 

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Brandon Fritz


Operations Manager / Elite Emcee

Working for All The Right Tunes made a huge impact in my life. After djing for a several years and seeing the difference I made in what many consider the most important day of their life, I wanted more.


Becoming an emcee allowed me to work hand in hand with brides and grooms. I found this to be very rewarding, hearing the feedback during the event as well as after made me realize the difference I make. Emcee for a couple of years led me to wanting to take it a step further. I wanted to become more involved in the planning process and help clients any way I could to provide them with a remarkable experience. I decided to become an elite emcee, with that transition I found even more accomplishments. Using my experience and knowledge of past events I have been able to give clients a positive experience that carries on to many others.  Not only am I an elite emcee, I've pushed myself further to become the office manager. I enjoy preparing events and equipment for my scheduled events and others as well. Doing so prepares me for each event and has taught me even more about our equipment and the possibilities available.


Prior to working for atrt I had many jobs, and they to me were just that, jobs. They were a way to pay the bills and provided a little extra spending money. I have worked a wide variety of positions, from food service, cleaning service, manufacturing, sales, landscaping and even child care. Out of all those, surprisingly to me child care was my favorite. I had the privilege to work with 2nd graders and 5th graders. The kids were just as helpful to me as I was to them. Even when I would be having a crummy day the smiles of the children would turn it around. I found some enjoyment in each of these jobs, yet I longed for more. While working in a sales position a co-worker told me about All The Right Tunes and after months of consideration I decided to take a chance and I'm glad I did. 


When I'm not working, I can be found doing a number of activities.  I am a car enthusiast and enjoy many different types of vehicles. I have a 1992 Camaro z28 that my father built. With that being said, this car is dear to my heart. I spent much of my childhood around this car at shows and the drag strip. I'm also very enticed by European cars. I have owned many Volkswagens and Audi's, I'm constantly customizing my vehicles to to give them a unique personality like my own. I also love being outdoors, from hiking to boating to snowboarding to mountain biking. These activities help me clear my mind and there's always something new to discover. Someday I would like to go whitewater rafting and even build the courage to skydive and scuba dive.