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Our highest priority is the comfort level of our clients throughout the entire process of booking, planning, and coordinating your event. If at anytime you need assistance or more information please contact us so we can personally address your questions. 

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Calil Rapier



I’m from Dayton, Ohio. The greatest city in the world. I take great pride in where I’m from and I love working with the people in my community. I work with people who have disabilities, in addition I also work with children and the elderly. I love helping my community, and it’s a real passion of mine. Music has also always been a true love of mine, so it only makes sense that I DJ. I love the blending of music and technology, so dj’ing is naturally one of my favorite things do. My favorite part about dj’ing is seeing everybody dancing and the enjoyment that I’m helping provide. I enjoy the feedback from clients and guests, but I also enjoy seeing and performing at new and exciting places.  I always have a great time when I’m Dj’ing