Photo Booths

Bring Out The Fun In Everyone 
With A Photo Booth


Works every time! No matter the event the Photo Booth is always a huge guest attraction. Bringing people together with tons of laughs and funny props you will always look back on the Photo Booth Pictures and smile.

Photo Booth Setup Combinations

Your photo booth should match your guests personality. That’s why our photo booth can be setup in several different ways. Have an energizing group already? Our booth can be open so everyone sees the fun in action. Have a group that is a little more reserved? The curtain / drape option still brings the photo booth fun without the fear of public performance. Our booth has two main options that can be combined in several ways. Main choice one is the height, it can be adjusted for stand up or sit down. Now that we have the easy question out of the way, let’s talk choice two… backdrop and drape. 

  • Open air: This is the photo booth with no drape or solid background. The background can be a unique wall at the venue or by using the open floor space. This can create a background to tie in your pictures with your venue like the beautiful wood background you see from the pictures above at Canopy Creek.

  • Backdrop only; This is our most popular options that provides a solid background, while allowing the booth to remain open so all guests can see the group taking the photo. This helps “raise the bar” as groups heading to the photo booth compete to get the best and sometimes craziest picture as they watch the current group inside the booth having fun.

  • Half or full curtain / drape: If your guests need privacy in the booth to get loose then the curtain options are for you. Whether in a corner with 1 side or the middle of the room with all sides, this still allows approximately 10 guests in each picture but keeps them out of site for all other guests. Your background and drape can be customized but we suggest black for a less conspicuous footprint.

Combine these options from our most conservative sit down drape option, to our most popular stand up backdrop option. The choice is yours, suited for your event and matched to your guests. 


Props and Pictures

What would a photo booth be without the props and pictures? Not very fun in our eyes so we included a table full of awesome props and at least two pictures strips per session. If you have more than 2 guests in the booth, we will reprint as many as you need. 


Copies and Photo Guest Book

We offer a photo guest book as an option for your to have a copy of the each guest strip while giving them the opportunity to leave you a personalized message next to their picture. If having these on your digital photo cloud is more important than having it on your coffee table, we have you covered too. Digital copies of the pictures that make up the strips are available to you at no addition charge after the event. 


Your Photo Booth Specialist

Were do I push to start, how do I re-print, what’s the best prop combination you have seen? These are questions best answered by an experienced photo booth specialist and you will have one of these professionals at every event. We also want to be there to encourage participation and make sure the booth remains presentable for future sessions. 


Booth Time

Our standard booth time is 4 hours and the placement of that block is dependent on your timeline and event. In the rare case you need to add hours, that’s not a problem. The booth, all of its great options, and our attendant is extendable at the contract rate any time. This time is all session time with the photo booth open. Setup and tear down is never counted as your time and is always free of charge.

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Our highest priority is the comfort level of our clients throughout the entire process of booking, planning, and coordinating your event. If at anytime you need assistance or more information please contact us so we can personally address your questions. 

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