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Ryan Nichols

Emcee / DJ

I found All the Right Tunes at one of the lowest points in my life. I had just withdrew from an immersive music technology degree in British Columbia, Canada and was working long hours at a restaurant to play the bills while attending community college and living at my mom’s house.



Music and production have always been something that has made me feel things that nothing else can even come close to.  I knew I wanted to continue to pursue it, but after my departure from music school and the mental and physical limbo tool that decision took on me, I had no idea where to start or what to do.


After accepting the position with ATRT I was immediately blown away by the passion and the hardworking nature of all of my co-workers, that passion and desire to work hard in music came rushing back to me. Not only did this outlet allow for me to DJ for a job, but my illustrious coworkers also motivated me to get back into the studio and do what I love to do the most.


Currently, I am attending Ohio State University studying communications, freelancing studio/audio work, as well as working on my first comprehensive project as a solo artist. I’m back pursuing what I love, and my passion for music makes me the perfect DJ for any wedding or event..

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