Preferred Videographers

Agape Media

A photographer is a complete necessity for your wedding. However, a photograph stands still and cannot recite your vows, hear your speeches, hear laughter, see your emotions change the first time you see your "soon-to-be spouse," or capture your wedding day in the same way a wedding film can. We are always incredibly honored to help capture weddings and we treat each wedding as if they were our own.  Our passionate team of filmmakers capture each wedding in a beautiful, cinematic way that allows our clients to relive each moment of their best day ever for the rest of their lives

Full Frame

All you have to do is be yourself, and we will take care of the rest. You are the magic and it’s our job to capture it. 

Studio 58 Media

Our goal as wedding filmmakers is to simply tell the story of your wedding in a beautiful and creative wedding film.  We pride ourselves on designing a wedding film for the couples we work with that allows them to relive the best day of their life over and over again.

Flack Productions

Our studio is comprised of myself and several other talented and creative videographers.  We have a passion for this craft and we immerse ourselves into each project.  We do not just “point and shoot.”  Every video we produce expresses a combination of our clients’ stories and our professional and creative vision.