There is no doubt, weddings are different than parties


Planning, vision, and vendors all coming together to create the day you have dreamed about. You can relax knowing our interactive DJs have the music covered while our highly trained Emcees prepare all of the scheduled events behind the scenes while you and your guests enjoy the day.

We know how special and important this day is to you and we are dedicated to making your dream come true by orchestrating each and every aspect of your special day to make it hassle free and perfect, just as you’ve always imagined it. Through meticulous attention to every detail of your wedding day we allow you to simply relax and enjoy the moment to its fullest.

The best way to know if we are right for you is to schedule a consultation in the pressure free comfort of our office where we can discuss the details of your wedding and how All the Right Tunes can assist in making your wedding day extraordinary.


Our wedding services are like no other. Innovative, responsive, and professional in every way, we perform weddings with a philosophy and dedication that sets us apart from any other entertainment option.

By providing two entertainment professionals at every wedding, we focus on not just entertainment, but the understanding that entertainment is more than a catchy song and some cool dance lights. Entertainment is a state of mind that requires you to be happy and focused on one thing….celebration. While our experienced and talented DJs are ready to take you to the dance floor, our Emcees make sure you make it to that point with only the feeling of love and celebration from your family and friends. We do this by assuming all the stress of logistics at your ceremony and/or reception.



We feel a consultation is the best way for us to to hear about your wedding, but from the moment you reserve your wedding at All The Right Tunes, your ideas and preferences are met with the open arms of our online planning, timeline, and music services. You have the opportunity to work on these forms until we meet with you several weeks before your wedding. Although it seems like a long way from booking to wedding the time goes by fast. Help, suggestions, or just a friend to run an idea by is only a phone call away with All The Right Tunes.

The time has come and the wedding is only a few weeks away. It’s time for your final entertainment meeting where we help you complete any forms or timelines that are incomplete. We work together to incorporate all of your ideas, preferences, and dreams into a timeline focused not solely on entertainment, but focused on you and your wedding day.



At the wedding you can relax and enjoy knowing that when we come to you for a scheduled event the Emcee has prepared everything behind the scenes.  Every vendor, person, or keepsake is where it should be, ready for a smooth transition into the event as the Emcee signals the DJ to transition the music and you take the dance floor for your first dance. No silence, no unnecessary talking on the microphone, no awkward pauses. What your guests see and what you feel is a polished transition to every event with everything happening just the way it was planned.

“I just want someone to play music at my wedding, I don’t need two people” While we understand that our services are not for everyone, this statement is often made without consideration of the complexity of a wedding. An event where many vendors come together for the first time, following a different timeline for each event, working with guests that have never met each other before, all on a night of celebration that you can't (and shouldn't) be wasting your attention to monitor. Do you still think you just want us to play music and chance the most important day of your life to where ever the chips may fall? We feel so strongly about our coordination services that we will not perform a wedding without both a DJ and an Emcee. We are constantly focused on our separate responsibilities at weddings and there is no way we could perform at the level our clients deserve and respect with only a DJ.

Our services set us apart, but the attention to detail doesn’t stop there. Equipment is something most don’t think much about until it goes wrong or you see and hear things the way they should be. Our equipment is specifically chosen for weddings. How can this be? I am glad you asked!



Our equipment is modular, redundant, and versatile. Three very different things all important when entertaining at a wedding. As a side note, let’s get something out of the way first. We do not and never will put up banners, flyers, or any other publicity about our company at your wedding. That’s just… 

  • Modular: Our equipment can be placed in configurations fitting of the venue and sound requirements necessary. If you have a tight area and have to place a table near us, we will add height to the speaker and shoot the music over the table. This is just one of the concerns we commonly solve and with the modular nature of our setup we are able to do what others can’t.

  • Redundant: We come to every wedding with multiple media sources, backed by multiple players, backed by speakers housing there own amplification. Cool right? But what does that mean? That means we don’t show up with just one of anything and the music will go on despite how many gremlins attack our electronics. We also have secondary equipment standing by in case of extreme circumstance. Backup for the backup for the backup….Redundant.

  • Versatile: Second only to redundancy this is a very important feature of our setup. We are able to separate any part of the equipment and re-locate to a better fitting or more inconspicuous location in your venue. Our equipment is necessary, but should not be in every picture as an eye sore. Versatility allows our setup to be effective but out of site as much as possible. This changes with every venue and every floor plan and we need to change with it.



Weddings are at the heart of our company and as you can see we place a lot of focus on things most don’t even think about. The All The Right Tunes difference is that we plan on the unplanned, we account for the unaccountable, and we prepare for anything. We take this responsibility so you don’t have to worry about the what if.

It's your wedding day….Enjoy it!

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Our highest priority is the comfort level of our clients throughout the entire process of booking, planning, and coordinating your event. If at anytime you need assistance or more information please contact us so we can personally address your questions. 

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